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Enlight42 offers consulting services as described under the consulting tab and also interesting presentations that are both educational and entertaining.  The current topics are described under the presentations tab but, as you will see, custom topics can be developed under certain circumstances.
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About Me

Gary H. Kramer I was born in Great Britain, educated at Brighton college then University of Sussex (B.Sc. and Ph.D.) in the field of Chemistry.  Spent several years as a Post-Doc working in chemical kinetics before moving to Atomic Energy of Canada Limited initially as a Radiochemist.  After a brief stay (8 years), I moved to Health Canada for the remainder of a very productive career in Health Physics specialising in Internal Dosimetry, Bioassay and In Vivo Counting.  In addition to my work at Health Canada,  my wife and I became co-owners of a cage free-dog boarding facility (AreaK9) in 2010.  We have now accumulated over 100 years of experience in handling and training dogs.